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Love note: Valentine's Day for singles

Make a Valentine plan.
Make a Valentine plan.
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This is a Valentine for all of you who are feeling stressed about Valentine's Day -- plus links to more advice articles on love and on infidelity. I was interviewed the other day about how single college students might get over feeling sad when they have no Valentine sweetheart. Here are some thoughts.

Switch gears

You can enjoy the day by starting right now. Just switch your thinking from feeling blue to thinking red. Find ways to show a no-strings-attached love to family and to friends. For those looking at Valentine’s Day with the same anxiety as “Will I have a date on New Year’s Eve?” take heart, take control.

  • Invite your friends today for a champagne, chocolate, and strawberries party on February 14th so you all have something special to look forward to.
  • Send cards to your best female friends.
  • Fill a love cup with gratitude notes to someone whom you care about.
  • Ask a friend to come by and both of you stay put and encourage one another to write those long overdue "thank you" notes - the real ones that require a stamp.
  • Have an old-fashioned pajama and watch movies all night that will make you and your friends laugh until you cry.

Make a plan. Whatever you do -- if you are thinking sadness -- change the channel. Decide now to take the initiative to turn this Valentine's Day into one of laughter and happiness.

Here are more tips on love:

Infidelity notes:

Note: I'll be moving my stories about celebrities to Celebrity Love & Marriage. Will send you a link after my first column. Thank you for your faithful following. Happiness/ R

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