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Love note: Sudden passion with a Valentine blindfold

Men and women both have sexual fantasies. In fact researchers tell us that envisioning a threesome is something that crosses the minds of both men and women. And we saw how "50 Shades of Grey" enticed women. However, both go a bit too far. Nonetheless, if you want to spice up romance a bit, here is a story about a silk blindfold from my earlier Sudden Passion series.

Spice it up.
Photo by Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

A sultry blindfold

As she related the story, a hazy passionate glaze seemed to envelop her. "He placed the blindfold gently over my eyes," she began. "The scarf was one of my own long silk ones which he rubbed gently across my face. He touched me with his hands, the silk, his hot breath.

"Then he wrapped the scarf a second time around my eyes to be sure that no light could seep through the soft folds. I was in darkness feeling as if my body was suspended before his piercing eyes facing me. Or was he facing me? Where was he? I didn't call his name so as not to break the spell. My body tingled in wonder waiting . . .”

That's where I interrupted her. Too much information.

Blindfolded love play

Silk scarf love play is a way for husbands and wives, lovers and couples to develop a sense of trust. With sight deprivation you are at the mercy of another. It may be a bit scary, but it is also a time when couples tell me that they let their minds wander into the world of erotic images and fantasies. You can fall into a role play in which you can be any character whom you wish, and your man is simply there to please playful whims.

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