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Love note: Stop the cheating worries, go for wild passion

Think hot love.
Think hot love.
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Ignore the inaccurate statistics that suggest your guy will be cheating on the day before Valentine’s Day. Here’s a plan for February 13, often called Mistress Day, or any day to feel and become lovingly romantic.

Start today to feel sexy about yourself. Treat yourself to one new sexy negligee or lacy bra and panti set. Write a note to yourself, "I am a loving person and I deserved to be loved."

Loving words

Spend an entire day in which you think, speak, and act as if your guy is the most loving, wonderful, thoughtful person in the entire world. Never mind if he leaves his underwear in the front hall, or his tools on the dining room table. Focus on a night of love and bite your tongue if you feel criticism or bitchiness begin to slip through.

The anticipation

Send him a text, email, or voice message that says, "Tonight, let's skip dinner and just have succulent, mouth-watering sex."

If he writes back and says, "Are you out of your mind?" The answer is, "Yes, and when you come home, I will show you how crazy I am about you."

Keep in mind that men themselves say that one reason they cheat is because wives ignore them. Reclaim your love.

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