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Love note: 6 best Valentine's Day gifts

Are you tired of all those tried and true Valentine gifts? It is not too late to try something different. Here are some thoughts on what you can make or order.

Think love.
Photo by Lintao Zhang/Getty Images
  • Order personalized candy such as M&Ms that say, "I love U."
  • Order T-shirts for each other that say, "I am in love with the world's BEST."
  • Find photos of yourself when you first met and have them photocopied onto coffee mugs.
  • Download a calendar that has a place for a little note for each month; for example, "I still remember looking at our first harvest moon together." Add a small photo of the two of you as well.
  • Order fortune cookies filled with love sayings and leave them on his favorite chair.
  • Fill up large wine glasses with Italian Baci candies (each has a love saying) and serve them with dinner.

And here is the best for last. Send a note in the mail for seven days before Valentine’s Day that says, “I love you.” Or buy six laugh out loud cards and save the lavish love one for last.

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