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Love note: 4 reasons to save your marriage by Valentine's Day

In the real world of love and marriage, infidelity makes headlines, however, hyped up numbers by Internet infidelity mavens are loaded with bias. Also what they don't tell you is that marriages can be saved according to nationally respected experts such as Dr. Ruth Westheimer and Michele Weiner-Davis, award-winning therapist who started Divorce Busting®.

Marriages can be saved
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Make a decision to save your marriage by Valentine's Day. You may not get all the kinks worked out, but here are three reasons for all couples -- plus one extra reason for those with children -- to switch to a positive channel.

  • If you don't solve the problem that was at the root of the infidelity it may manifest itself in other ways and even other relationships.
  • Forgiveness saves your health. Angry, bitter women determined to "get even" will find that hostility is a predictor of heart attacks and illness.
  • You owe it to yourself to find out what went wrong so that you can make a thoughtful decision about your future.
  • When children are involved, you may wish to put aside the hurt, and take some time to consider how divorce will affect them.

Huffington Post by Sarah Harrison

She tells us that for healing to happen, both members of the couple have to be willing to do the healing work--and that might mean that the person who was cheated on has to acknowledge their part in the affair.

The part the injured partner played may be small, but a relationship is made of two people. If something goes wrong, it's happened to both people." Sarah Harrison: Why You Shouldn't Necessarily Leave a Cheating Husband

What can you do to start today? Read: Love note: Valentine's Day for stressed out couples.

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