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Love Letters Lost

Photo by public domain donation @ Pixaby no copyright

Spring cleaning brings with it the discovery of items long forgotten and yet upon viewing them, they bring back a sweet memory. A memory of a long ago love. A particular item catches your eye and you pick it up and unfold it. It is a love letter once written to you, that you had forgotten. It takes you back to a a place in your heart that no one but the two of you could ever share. A persistent ring tone pierces the border of your reality and your memories once again escape you as you open up your text message. Not another love letter, but a quick message to tell you he was thinking of you.
Whatever happened to the love letters of long ago? The ones that told of the words that you could not speak.They spoke of romantic love or feiry interludes. Poetry and prose dedicated to the one who made your eyes sparkle and the corners of your mouth crinkle increasingly upward. Love letters written by hand, or in the sand. Love letters that are barely written now. Has technology destroyed the tender sentiments that were penned by hand long ago?
Its so much easier just to pick up your phone or other electronic device and type in a few words. A few short words. But think of the smile you get when you find a note tucked away in your pocket or your lunch box that says something sweet to remind you that someone is thinking of you during this day. Not something you expected, like you might a text message. Love letters can be tucked away and read over and over again. A text message won’t be around forever. In years to come you will forget those zillions of text messages that the two of you passed back and forth. But the joy of finding a love letter that you had long ago forgotten, cannot be replaced.