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Love, kindness and compassion – but mostly love

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Love, kindness, compassion – we’ve all read and heard these virtues extolled throughout all religions and all disciplines as being paramount to living a good and decent life. The teachings have been part of our human world for millenia, passed down through the ages from master to pupil as the most important part of being human. Physical, mental and spiritual health has always been of utmost importance for a balanced life, but only those who actually heard and understood this benefited by practicing them. Through the ages, some of those who achieved a high degree of spiritual enlightenment have been able to become self-realized and have passed on the teachings to those who were ready to hear and understand. There has never been a time since humanity began that the world has been without at least one or two spiritual masters, or teachers.

No matter which spiritual disciplines and beliefs evolved along with us on this earth, each and every one of them contained at least the basic tenets of love, kindness and compassion. Practicing these basic tenets in today’s world may often seem extremely difficult, but it is only when we slow down enough to wonder why that we realize it only takes a moment to be kind to someone, and it doesn't take much. Giving one’s attention for just one moment to someone who needs a kind word of encouragement or just to ask if they are OK, can have far reaching effects. Think of all the ripples of kindness and compassion that would be generated if we all cared to do one kind act for someone every day.

The path of kindness and compassion will always eventually lead to love because love gives rise to both. Think of how different the world might have been by now if those in our troubled past who have treated other human beings as less than human, had instead given them one moment of kindness. As you start each day, try pausing for a moment before you jump into the rush of life and say to yourself “I will greet this day with love in my heart, and if I cannot love, I will make the effort to be kind, for kindness leads to compassion and compassion leads to love”. You may find that if you do this often enough, your entire life will change.
Peace @-)-)--------

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