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Love is the best insurance of all

Earlier this month, as I was on my way to work while stopped at a red light at the corner of Katella and Western in Stanton, California, I witnessed what Valentine’s Day was meant to honor--- a sight by the way, that most people who were present at the time turned away from. At that particular corner heading West on Katella, the Bus Stop had been taken over by a homeless man.

He had placed several of the sacks he carried with him on the Bus Stop bench and parked his shopping cart close by. The bus riders were standing as far back from him as they could. The man appeared to be elderly and as he was placing more and more of his possessions on the bench, I saw that another person was laying on the bench. The other person was a lady, who from a quick look at her face, appeared to be just as old as her companion.

One of the articles the man placed on the bench was an old spotted sleeping bag that was unzipped and functioned as her blanket. The man paced up and down in front of the bench on which his lady was laying in an effort to protect her from the annoyed bus riders; it was apparent she needed to rest and may have been sick.

Now I do not know what circumstances placed this older couple in such a condition, or even what became of them, as this scene I have described for you took place approximately seven days ago. The one thing that it did teach me very quickly was that no matter how much insurance you can accumulate for yourself and your family, and no matter how much money you pad your life with to protect yourself, having someone to cover you up when you’re cold and protect you from those who would sweep you aside because of what you appear to be, is the greatest insurance coverage of all.

The commitment that older gentleman exhibited for his lady was good and true. Even though they had nothing in the valuation system of this world, the one thing they did have was the commitment and love for one another.

My thoughts for this couple is that whatever happens to you and wherever you go, this old and sometimes discouraged claims adjuster will never forget you. God Bless you both.

As a closing note, the bus stop canopy has been removed, along with the bench.

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