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Love is in the air Valentine's Day


Sure Hallmark has done a great job at making the majority of the world fill as if they have to do something on this "love" chosen day.  But, reality speaks and many of us are nowhere near the love of our lives. We are in the mist of experiencing long distance relationships with short term patience. So if your here in Detroit or anywhere else in the world here's your top ten things to do when your not conveniently next to your Valentine. You don't have to be shoulder to shoulder, face to face to express just how much you appreciate your lover on this day. The creative ways you can send your love through the air can be endless.

  1. Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Gmail Messenger, AOL Messenger-Video Messenging
  2. Cell Phone Verbal Converstation-An actual voice
  3. Cell Phone Texting- Can be a kind of four play
  4. Love Letter by Mail- When is the last time someone actually sent you a posted letter
  5. E-Card-Take advantageof technology
  6. UPS Love Package- Everybody loves to see the big brown truck when its field with goodies for you
  7. 1-800-Flowers- pick an exotic flower, spice it up some
  8. Edible Arrangements-Food is always the key to someone's heart
  9. Publish your love- Contact your local online news source
  10. Book a cheap ticket from DTW (Detroit Wayne County Airport) to your lover's desnation- Great deals on, and

Unfortunately the American Dream to have a beautifal family with a white picket fence and dog has grown weary. Most of our American told stories are now filled with summaries of unemployed individuals and war driven soldiers who take a position that puts them far from their spouse's only to make ends meat.  This sacrifice is a couragous one on behalf of the family to create a better life in a world filled with disorientation and security deprived. Fortunately hard times that set us apart physically and mentally can definitely have the benefit of making the "heart grown fonder." So this Valentine's Day when your pondering over what card to get or even what box of chocolates to cipher through think of how grateful you are everyday to have a significant other whether near or far. Think of the seeds you have sewn into building your relationship and the harvest that you will reap on any given day, not just Valentine's Day, as a result of your unconditional love.


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