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Love Is In The Air For Valentine’s Day On “General Hospital”

Franco Played By Actor Roger Howarth
Franco Played By Actor Roger Howarth

You know a soap opera that has been around for fifty year must celebrate love and Valentine’s Day. According to some reports, the viewers will get to watch as the residents of Port Charles celebrates Valentine’s Day starting as early as Thursday February 13, going into Valentine’s Day itself on Friday, February 14th, and ending on Monday, February 17th. What will occur on this day of love?

Love and romance will be found for such couples as Date & Lulu, Nicholas & Britt, Duke & Anna and TJ & Molly. First, viewers may be happy to watch as Dante & Lulu finally reconciles.

Then viewers will get to wonder as Nicholas asks Britt to accompany him on a Valentine’s mission. Britt’s fairy tale life with Nicholas because even sweeter when his son, Spencer, gives her a special Valentine. Her world looks like a true fairy tale. Yet, her lies are making her feel guilty. Plus, Liz, who always seems to find out everyone’s secrets, begins to have her suspicions about Baby Ben’s true paternity. Will she put two and two together?

As for Duke and Anna, they have been arguing over their conflict over ethics and how to deal with Juliian. Finally, Duke tries to reconcile with Anna and the reconciliation turns into a moment of passion.

Finally, the romance will center on TJ and Molly when a study session begins to get grow hot and heavy. Molly finds herself really tempted. Yet, she wants their first time to be special and memorable.

Of course, no holiday, even Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be in true “General Hospital” fashion if there wasn’t any intrigue. The intrigue will center on Franco and the missing Carly. Will Franco be able to save Carly before Heather actually kills her and blames the murder on him?

Watch “General Hospital” every weekday at 2:00 pm, ET, to watch all the love, romance, and intrigue. Yes, the show has been on for fifty years. But it hasn’t lost its touch. In fact, it can still keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

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