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Love is in the air for Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

It’s almost spring. Celebrities are busting down the doors to rehab facilities, taking care of their legal matters, and falling back in love. E! News exclusively learned earlier today that Justin Bieber has reunited with his ex-Selena Gomez in Texas, where they grabbed breakfast and went shopping. This comes just one day after the Biebs stormed out of a 4.5 hour Deposition in Miami for a case involving his bodyguard assaulting a photographer. Bieber left the conference room when he was being questioned about Selena, at which his lawyers said he didn’t have to answer any questions regarding his former flame.

Justin and Selena have reunited in Texas after months for turmoil
Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

It’s nice to see both Justin and Selena back on the up and up in their lives. Justin posted a photo of Selena earlier this week with the caption, “the most elegant princess in the world" It seems both Selena and Justin’s lives fell apart following a more permanent break-up in their on- again, off - again relationship.

Selena recently checked out of a 45 day rehabilitation program just two weeks in, according to TMZ, where she was being treated for alcohol, weed, and Ambien. Justin was thrown in jail for a few hours after a DUI and a series of drug and alcohol related events in Miami. Hopefully the couple won’t continue their partying ways as they try to clean up their tainted images.

It was reported that Selena was boozing following the Oscars Sunday night via a photo caught on Twitter by TMZ. Selena’s rep is denying that Selena’s stint in rehab had anything to do with alcohol.

Gomez has a concert in Hildago Saturday night- her first since canceling part of her tour. Will Justin be present at the concert? If he is, it’s a pretty good indication that the couple is back together! Can we say “love is in the air, everytime Usher turns around”?

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