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Love is in the air, and in Gold's Gym

Working out together improves every aspect of your relationship.
Working out together improves every aspect of your relationship.

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that’s hard to forget.It may be easy to ignore, but thanks to successful marketing, the day is almost impossible to let slip by unnoticed. This Valentine’s Day, not only is love in the air everywhere you look, but it’s in the gym as well—Gold’s Gym that is.

Leading personal trainers and fitness experts at the Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute have developed a unique couples’ workout just in time for Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re in a new relationship, or have been together for years, the “More Love, Less Handles” couples’ workout will improve both your physique and your relationship. Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute expert and trainer Nikki Kimbrough helped design the program, which consists of four workouts each of which she says helps build your relationship in a unique way.

  • The Trust Workout: Lasting relationships are built on a foundation of trust. The Trust Workout consists of a series of exercises that require that you and your partner spot each other. Nikki states that in doing so, you will help one another push to new levels. The end goal of the workout is to increase the level of trust you have for one another outside the gym.
  • The Intensity Workout: The occasional challenge is what keeps things interesting in a relationship. The Intensity Workout is designed to help you and your partner challenge one another. You will perform the exercises, increasing the resistance as you go. Nikki states that challenging each other with intense exercises will help develop, grow and strengthen your relationship outside of the gym.
  • The Intimacy Workout: Without an emotional connection, a relationship will only last so long. In the Intimacy Workout, you and your partner will perform exercises that require eye contact, such as stationary reverse lunges done facing each other. These moves create a sense of intimacy through the constant eye contact you will establish.
  • The Communication Workout: Relationships will thrive with communication. This workout helps you and your partner develop communicative skills through stretches and cool down exercises. Communication is vital in this workout as you must listen to each other, find out how far you your partner can go, and learn your strengths and weaknesses.

To try out any of these workouts, visit and download them. With the workouts comes a free 7-day VIP Membership that allows you to visit one of the Gold’s Gyms near you in Dallas, such as Uptown, Preston Center, or Plano and to try out the workouts with your Valentine.


  • Profile picture of Cleta Brookstein
    Cleta Brookstein 4 years ago

    Great information!

  • Kallis Sharad 1 year ago

    Exercise and healthy food are very important to improve health and fitness. Go for running, walking, push ups, chair squats, bench press and push ups to make strong muscles and reduce joints pains. Eat fresh fruits, vegetables, salads, drink fruit juice and plenty of water that are really good for health and prevent from many disease.It improve mood, make strong bones and muscles, boost energy, improve heart functions and mental health.
    Lakewood personal trainer

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