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Love is respecting diversity in others


It is amazing that people who fall in love often want to change their beloved. Human beings can cherish someone and want to teach them life lessons.

Margaret Fuller wrote, “Its law is a desire of Spirit to realize a whole. Which makes it seek in another what it finds not in itself. Thus, the beautiful seek the strong, and the strong the beautiful…”

There is truth in these words. Opposites attract. People balance each other out, but this can be tricky. It takes respect to love someone who is very different. Understand that respect is necessary because the person you love needs to learn lessons you already know. 

 (AP Photo/ Lefteris Pitarakis)

Life is an experience designed to teach us lessons to fulfill our purpose. We cannot speed up our learning curve, because we are driven by spirit, and this is also true of our partner.

We all have an inner teacher or guide that is preparing us for our next stage of evolution, and no amount of love can change the intent of our inner guide.

We can liberate ourselves from our guides and guardians, and we can develop new expectations. However, our life purpose remains the same. People who are on a strength or power path are learning different lessons than those who are on a love and service path.

Opposites do attract and balance each other out. However, such relationships must respect the differences each soul must eventually demonstrate. Love is not strong enough to change a person’s life purpose and destiny.

It is a grace to fall in love, but it is divine to express the God within in a way that makes another soul achieve his or her life’s calling. That is what soul mates do.


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