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Love is our Benchmark

As promised we will consider some things that a local church should be if its leadership is truly seeking to follow Christ. Christ made it clear that the benchmark for us is the love we show to others. To honestly call ourselves followers of Jesus we must strive to love to everyone.

This means that we think, speak, and act lovingly to others at every opportunity. If we are doing this then we do not reject others based on their failures, faults, or sin. We do see everyone as needing the same love that Christ shows to us daily. There is no room for us to judge, hate, or reject others who are in need of the same redemption that we are working out in our lives.

Consider the church’s potential if everyone acted in this vein. Consider the results if we truly placed ourselves in the place of being a voice for this attitude in our circle of life. I am to love everyone no matter how much I disagree with the things in his or her life. How can we hope to show the love of Christ to others when we judge and reject fellow Christ followers? They will know we follow Christ by our love for each other. Examine yourself Madison, and tell me what you think.


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