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Love is keynote

Love is keynote
Love is keynote
Photo courtesy of EJH Gallery

There are many who wish to teach the path of love. Even in the symbolic meaning of nature and nurture, “the primrose symbolizes love, courage and devotion.” It is a pathway of tolerance and service toward all of life. At the same time, sincere and humble effort is made toward the development of inner peace, along with the awareness of our Eternal spiritual nature.

It is valuable to keep a smooth emotional flow. There are master teachers, those who are wiser in Spirit, available to provide help in understanding this true nature and how to grow and mature at soul level in unconditional love, compassion and kindness.

The Path of Gentle Unfoldment. White Eagle was an intuitive healer, and one who walked this path before us. His guidance: ”Love works because it is the power and wisdom behind All.” This love is to be brought into ordinary daily activities and encounters:

“Develop from the heart, meditate on love, love, love, and absorb love. Give love and your soul will become a light. The divine magic will rest in your hands, enabling you to heal the sick, to comfort the bereaved, to bless the sorrowful, to beautify everything you touch, and to bring peace and happiness to the lives of men and women.” (-White Eagle)

This inner balance is vital: Balance within equals a beautiful life experience. The only way of building relationships and strong communities; it depends on the wisdom of balance and a profound understanding of respecting another, while still honoring oneself.

Courage from the Heart. Living from this perspective usually does not occur until being confronted with a personal crisis … something threatened what is held dear to heart, and then the pattern is broken. One is no longer living in opposition to what is true to heart. What is the change? It takes courage to shift the view to an internal sense of happiness and a type of spiritual love that is based on the unchanging soul. The external nature is unimportant (God in one is not in any way different from God within another). It is an always present love; it resides within each heart, with the outward joyful actions, as guided by Spirit.

Devotion. It takes trust in natural wisdom, and non-resistance to Source of All, in order to accept by direct experience universal love, caring, and movement in the right heart-felt direction. It has been said, “a new Reality emerges as the heart returns to aliveness.”

A reflection of this level of caring and corresponding movement; it is found in the following true story, as represented through a duck metaphor. Symbolically, ducks offer emotional support, comfort and protection. When a duck enters a life – the message is one of assistance, in allowing a more calm and peaceful path of living.

“Many years ago, while running errands on a Saturday. I was navigating traffic within a busy shopping mall. Suddenly, in front of my car, and trying to cross the road; there was a mother duck and her ducklings. Due to the busy patterns of movement, mom and babies – well, they decided to find safety by walking underneath my car.”

“Absolutely not moving my car for any reason, I jumped out and went face down on the pavement looking at this unbelievable scene. The situation: Ducklings huddled together and making a bit of noise, as mother duck continued to move closer toward the curb, while making a lot of noise and pooping on the pavement in fear.”

“Traffic had backed-up, with car horns honking and some drivers angry and shouting: “Why don’t you just run them over!” A police officer was now next to me on the pavement, as we patiently waited for mother duck and ducklings to move their process along.”

Within a spiritual ministry based on A Course in Miracles, there is a gradual process of allowing one’s mind to be healed. The lessons are about the inner and outer meaning of things: “… the walk and quack like a duck; it doesn’t mean they are really ducks.” The topic flows toward seeing the truth of Oneness of All Things with God/Creator. The gentle step-by-step opening of mind and heart; the healing across all levels that is only made possible through what is best described in an Ancient text:

“The secret to finding joy and peace is the simple acceptance of your true Self, and then moving on to focus on others. The shift in focus places one within the flow of energy that is life itself. It is a privilege to be of service to others, without an expectation of a return … simply doing for the privilege of the action itself.”

To close the story … Mother duck and ducklings found safe passage on their way home. The situation: A conviction it was a test by Spirit, with the lesson to be delivered, as based upon choice of action and willingness to help. The lesson: When one can feel compassion for a duckling crossing the road and hope for its safe travel; these sensitive qualities are of the greatest importance. Love is keynote, as Oneness of All is based on these lessons, as learned one from the other.

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