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Love is actually good for your heart

There have been stories since the beginning of civilization about love being good for the heart. New research implies this is not a myth and that love is in fact good for your heart. A Vanderbilt cardiologist says that love is good for the heart, reports Vanderbilt University Medical Center on Feb. 13, 2014. A recent study from Finland has showed that married men and women had a significantly lower risk of having heart attacks and of dying from a heart attack in comparison to people who were single.

Married couple

Julie Damp, M.D. says being involved in a healthy, loving relationship is actually good for the heart. She has commented, “There are different theories behind why that might be.” The theories behind this generally have to do with findings that people who are married or who are in close, healthy relationships are usually less likely to smoke, are more physically active and are more likely to have a well-developed social structure. These people may also have lower levels of stress and anxiety in their daily lives. Furthermore, they may seek medical attention more quickly, and they may be more likely to take preventive medications.

Actually, there is lots of research which suggests that marriage can have a positive effect on health and survival, reports WebMD. Overall married people generally live longer than people who remain single. However, some evidence has appeared to suggest that the marriage needs to be a happy one in order to confer such a benefit. So seeking out a good marital relationship not only shows you must have a warm heart, it also may actually be good for your heart.

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