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Love is a funny thing!

Love is a funny thing!
Love is a funny thing!
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Love can be so fickle at times. Love can find you when you least expect it. Love is that joy that when it hits you, it can knock you to the ground. Edward Lewis is in town for some hard core negotiations. He doesn't want to bothered with other matters but he does need a woman on his arm. Vivian Ward is just in the need of money. Her roommate has partied it all away and the rent is due. Vivian and Edward will come to a deal or an agreement that allows both to get what they want. The funny thing is they don't even have a clue as to what is going to come their way. Below is a review of 'Pretty Woman' and maybe you just might see something that you might know about. So sit back this Valentines Day and enjoy a movie that shows what love can be with that special someone. Enjoy.

'Pretty Woman (1990)' - Edward Lewis (Richard Gere) is in California to wrap up a business deal. He is at a party given by his partner Philip Stuckey (Jason Alexander) and really wants to duck out of the place. He borrows Philip's car and heads toward the city. Driving along Sunset Blvd. and grinding the gears to all get out he pulls over to ask a prostitute directions. She kindly says yes for a price but also has to make a comment of his driving. The young lady named Vivian (Julia Roberts) hops in the drivers seat and peels off. Not missing a gear they are at the Hotel that Edward is looking for. Feeling a little amorous they head up to his room for an evening of passion at a price.

Edward enjoyed himself so much he asks the young lady to be his lady for the next couple of days at a price of 3000.00. He even gives her money to shop for some clothes. You see like I said Edward was in town for a business deal and he didn't want any complications to occur. He did need a date at his beck and call so everybody was happy.

Vivian stops by the Hotel Manager Barney and asks him for help. She tried to shop on Rodeo Dr. but she just didn't fit in. Barney calls a friend and she does wonders for Vivian. So much so that for the next couple of days Edward's mind leans away from business to pleasure. His opposite in the deal is an old guy by the name of James Morse. Nice enough fellow and rather than dismantle Morse's company Edward decides to work with it and build it up.

This movie easily shows that you can find love all over the place. People are people the world over but it's what's inside that counts. Director Garry Marshall does a beautiful job with this movie. So much so it could be called a classic. It is one of those movies that if you have never seen it then you really must. Enjoy.