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'Love & Hip Hop' star Saigon needs Oprah's crew to fix his life?

Saigon and Erica Jean had quite the battle during part 2 of the "Love & Hip Hop" reunion show.
Photo by Brian Ach

The battle was on between Erica Jean and Saigon during the second part of the "Love & Hip Hop" reunion special. There is no love lost between the two and that is obvious. The friction has become so fierce that Saigon has taken to Twitter on Feb. 11 and announced that he will be seeking help from Iyanla Vanzant on her show "Fix My Life."

In an incredibly active day for Saigon on Twitter, the rapper tries to clear the air and explain exactly what his relationship is with Erica Jean. He tweeted, "For the record , I never wanted, attempted or cared to be in a relationship with Erica. We had irresponsible sex and made a child I LOVE."

That is the story that apparently got edited out on the last season of "Love & Hip Hop." Now Saigon is going to tell his side of the story and he'll probably not look as bad as he currently does.

According to Saigon, while not actually being in a relationship with Erica Jean, he offered to move her into his home so he could have better access to his son. He was worried about the child's development and was told by a doctor that the primary parent (Erica Jean) wasn't stimulating him enough.

As Saigon said on the reunion show, he wanted to break the cycle. Although the child wasn't planned, he still wanted to be a good father and he loves his son. He wanted to have his boy closer to he could influence his upbringing, rather than relying on Erica Jean.

Saigon also contends that Erica Jean uses their son as a weapon. He says she threatens to not let him see his child when she gets upset or doesn't get her way. It sounds like the two need to get it together for the sake of the child and Saigon is trying to do just that.

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