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'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta': Stevie J says Joseline not high on crack at reunion

Stevie J says Joseline wasn't doing drugs before "LHHATL" reunion show.
Joseline Hernandez/Instagram

There have been a lot of allegations that Joseline Hernandez was on something at the "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" reunion show taping. Reports have even stated that "someone" witnessed Joseline hitting the crack pipe before the show. It's all a bunch of lies though according to the Puerto Rican princess' fake husband Stevie J. According to TMZ on Thursday, Stevie J is defending Joseline and he says she wasn't high for the taping.

During the first couple minutes of the very first day of the "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" reunion show taping, a fight broke out. During the course of the fight, Joseline attacked and fought with at least three members of the "LHHATL" cast. She was even bold enough to tweet about it afterward. Joseline wrote, "Time to speak the truth. 3 h*** 1 hour! Back to back."

Those words may come back to bite her though because Althea Heart, whose real name is Althea Eaton, has filed suit against the reality TV star. Althea alleges that Joseline punched her in the face, pulled her hair and scratched her during the attack. Althea and Tammy Rivera both have accused Joseline Hernandez of doing drugs. Apparently there is even a witness to Joseline lighting up a glass crack pipe before the taping began but the witness has not been identified.

According to Althea's lawsuit, she is claiming that Stevie J and Joseline have repeatedly tried to start trouble. She said that during the "LHHATL" reunion show brawl, Joseline punched her in the face, leaving her with a black eye. Althea also says that Joseline repeatedly hit and scratched her until security was able to separate the two.

The charges against Joseline Hernandez for her part in the incident include assault and battery as well as intentional infliction of emotional distress. Althea is asking for punitive and compensatory damages in her lawsuit.

Stevie J says that Joseline wasn't on drugs at the time of the brawl and that they plan to sue everyone who claims she was. He also says that the whole lawsuit is bogus because Althea and Benzino started the fight when they accused Stevie J and Joseline of being on drugs. Stevie J alleges that Benzino hit Joseline during the altercation and that they are planning a countersuit.

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