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'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' star Stevie J confirms split from Joseline Hernandez

 Music producer Stevie J attends the 12th Annual BMI Urban Awards at the Saban Theatre on September 7, 2012 in Beverly Hills, California.
Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images

Stevie J has confirmed his split from Joseline Hernandez. The pair starred together on the VH1 hit reality show "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" but it looks like there might not be any more love for them now. After several episodes of season 3 where Joseline Hernandez talks about some inappropriate pictures found on Stevie's phone, it turns out she's the one doing the sneaking around. According to a Friday tweet from Stevie J, Joseline has been cheating on him all over the place. He claims she's been with more than 30 other men behind his back.

Stevie J and Joseline really hit a low point when Joseline found out that Stevie J had been messing with Benzino's fiance Althea Heart. It is unclear if they were an item before Stevie was with Joseline or not. Now it doesn't really matter because Joseline allegedly hasn't been sticking to her supposed vows either.

Both Joseline and Stevie J's Twitter accounts have been pretty interesting in the past 24 hours. Joseline has either been hacked or she's going on a mad confession spree. In any case, there are some big names being thrown around in the Stevie J and Joseline infidelity fight. Rumors of a relationship between Joseline and Rick Ross have been out for some time now. As of Thursday, it looked like Ross was the reason for the reality stars' split.

It looks like it might be even bigger than Rick Ross though (the old one, not the new skinny Ross.) Joseline has "confessed" on her Twitter account to sleeping with Ross, Kevin Durant, Nelly and even the driver at the White House. She also admitted to having oral sex with Durant and Houston Rockets star James Harden. The tweets are pretty offensive and several contain graphic images so we'll refrain from posting a link. For those interested, a quick Google search or even just a quick search on Twitter for @MsJoseline will bring up her account.

So it looks like Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J are over as a couple. Too bad it was never officially confirmed or denied that the two ever got married. We're still guessing no and that will make this split so much easier. It's hard to feel sorry for either one of them considering that they came together while Stevie J was still with Mimi. There's an old saying about how you "lose them how you got them." It looks like it rang true in this case.

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