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'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' star Karli Redd posts explicit photo of ex Benzino

Karli Redd made the most ratchet move when she posted pictures of Benzino on social media.
Karli Redd/ Instagram

Karli Redd made her most ratchet move recently when she posted explicit pictures of her ex-boyfriend Benzino on Twitter. Still reeling from the embarrassment of being thrown out of Benzino's club, Karli Redd has taken the gloves off and started an all-out war on Benzino. According to Mstarz on Tuesday, the "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" stars went on attack after Monday nights episode where Karli leaked pictures of Benzino and new fling Yung Joc in side by side photos. You can guess what body parts were exposed in the photos.

According to Karli Redd, Benzino is incredibly small. Despite recently having a conversation on "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" where she literally said she likes smaller guys and that it's all about "the motion in the ocean" she admitted that's not all true. Also, the difference between Yung Joc and Benzino is supposedly very obvious. The not well-endowed reality TV star and rapper wasn't too amused when the pictures were leaked and has definitely hit back.

Benzino took to Twitter to let Karli have a piece of his mind. He said, "@karileredd the ring you got is wringworm, you was f***ing n***** in the 80's and 30 years old #FOSSILBOX YOUR WALLS ARE POLLUTED GRANNY!" He also released his own selfie in which he is much more endowed than the one Karli released. Is this an issue of Photoshop or really good angles? Who knows but the whole drama is pretty hilarious.

Karli also took to Twitter with plenty to say to Benzino. In a machine-gun style Twitter attack, Karli posted the following tweets one right after the other and at least attempted to start her very own hashtag.

1. Aye, yo @IAMBENZINO, how dare you put my name in your mouth when the chic you claim smashed the homies? #ReddDot

2. So @IAMBenzino, you said I am mad because you gave her a ring? A Ring. I'm mad because the man with the little dick gave a girl a ring.

3. ... that's the least you could do. You're not giving her any orgasms nor can you accompany her on any rides at the park. #ReddDot

4. And then you try to show a pic of you sitting across from me with a ring. Twit pic that bank account. What that do though? #ReddDot

What fans of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" can be sure of is that Karli Redd won't be running to Benzino the next time her implant leaks and she needs to get it fixed. It looks like their relationship, friendship and anything else they might have had is over. Benzino seems pretty cool with that though because he is all in love with Althea. What do you think of the beef between Karli Redd and Benzino? Let us know what you think of the newest "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" drama in the comments below.

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