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'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' star Joseline Hernandez accuses Stevie J of beating her

The most recent "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" rumors involve Joseline's accusations against Stevie J
The most recent "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" rumors involve Joseline's accusations against Stevie J
Joseline Hernandez/Instagram

Season three of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" has got to be the messiest yet. Now Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J are making even bigger headlines after accusations of domestic violence. According to a Tuesday report by Reality Tea, Joseline Hernandez took to Twitter and posted some horrifying pictures of abuse she claims to have endured at the hands of Stevie J.

Joseline's Twitter feed showed multiple pictures of her bruised and battered face and the accusations that Stevie J caused all the marks. The pictures were captioned, "Stebbie beat me but nobody understands me" and "Y does he bruise me up Stebbie stop [sic]." One of the most damaging tweets was aimed at "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" producer Mona Scott-Young. That tweet was also accompanied by pictures and said, "Mona told me to hide it Stebbie knew I was f****** weed man so he beat me I'm still a bad b****[sic]."

According to Joseline though, she wasn't hacked. A message posted Tuesday morning said "Sorry I was tripping last night." All of the tweets related to Stevie J abusing her were posted to Joseline Hernandez' Twitter account late Monday evening but did not come down until around noon EST on Tuesday. Now the account has been scrubbed and all posts related to abuse have been removed including the messages about not being hacked and the one apologizing about last night. They are all gone.

Stevie J took to his Twitter account and accused someone of hacking into Joseline's account. He even vowed to find out who did it. This is the only message still posted that is even related to the event. That said, where did those pictures of Joseline's face come from? Hacked or not, that was either Joseline or a real good impersonator.

If it is true that Stevie J is hitting Joseline Hernandez for any reason, weed man or not, it will come out and it will look real bad for him. It'll probably look real bad for Mona Scott Young too if it turns out that she knew about the abuse and told the couple to keep it under wraps.