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'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' star Benzino booted off airplane in Chicago

Benzino was reportedly kicked off an airplane during a Chicago layover.
Benzino was reportedly kicked off an airplane during a Chicago layover.

Benzino, whose real name is Raymond Scott, was dropped quite a few f-bombs in an explicit rant during a recent flight. It is unknown what set him off but Benzino was escorted off an airplane after cursing out the flight attendant. Footage of the incident was recorded and on Tueday TMZ made the tape available.

Benzino was on board a flight from Las Vegas to Atlanta after a Memorial Day Weekend in Las Vegas. It is unknown exactly what the flight attendant said to him but Benzino erupted into a tirade of cursing. It has been reported that the flight attendant was questioning Benzino's seat assignment when he burst into a rage.

On the video Benzino can be heard ranting about the "racist motherf******" and shouting something about first class. It sounds like the flight attendant might have questioned that if he should be in first class or not when he blew up. After the profanity laced rant, Benzino was escorted off the plane with no further issues. He was booted in Chicago while the plane made a stop.

The "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" star has had his share of drama already this year. He just recently has been recovering after his nephew shot him. The two were in Massechusetts attending the funeral of Benzino's mother when his nephew Gai Scott fired several shots at the car he was riding in. Benzino was shot once in the arm and another bullet grazed his back. He seems to have made a full recovery.

This airplane drama comes right on the heels of a Benzino wedding rumor. He posted a few pictures to his Instagram account of himself and fiance' Althea in white wedding gear and that set the rumors off. Apparently it's not the real deal though. Benzino and Althea Hart were reportedly just costumed up for a video shoot they were doing.