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'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' shocker: Mimi and Nikko release a sex tape

Mimi and Nikko are releasing a sex tape through Vivid Entertainment.
Mimi and Nikko are releasing a sex tape through Vivid Entertainment.
Hebbo ETV/YouTube

The newest season of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" hasn't even premiered yet and Mimi Faust is already making waves. The reality TV star has confirmed that she and Nikko will be releasing their sex tape through Vivid Entertainment according to The Hollywood Gossip on Monday.

The Mimi and Nikko sex tape was just a rumor floating around last month. Now it has been confirmed by many including Vivid Entertainment. According to reports, the very explicit video was leaked without Mimi's consent and was going to be released anyway. In a bid to at least profit from it's release, Mimi and Nikko met with Vivid Entertainment and agreed to put their private moments on DVD for everyone to see.

In a promotional trailer released by VH1 for the upcoming season 3 of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta," the teaser shows a visibly upset Mimi finding out about the sex tape. She is very concerned about what Stevie J will do and she tells Nikko that "Stevie J is going to make my life hell." It turns out she's right too because Stevie J has already consulted his lawyers concerned their daughter and how the tape might affect her.

Stevie J and his wife Joseline are highly concerned about Mimi and Nikko's DVD release. That seems pretty hypocritical considering that Stevie J has a very popular video of the same that he made years ago with rapper Eve.

Joseline used to be a stripper and according to rumors, she may have even prostituted herself a time or two. She has a tape out herself that was talked about on the previous season of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" when she found out that Benzino and Karli Redd watched it together. It is clear that Joseline is just using Mimi's new movie as an excuse to stir up drama. Neither she or Stevie J have any room to talk.

The tape has been titled "Mimi & Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta" and has definitely been getting some attention. Said to be very explicit, a few video stills have been leaked online and they are definitely not safe for viewing at work.

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