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'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' drama is out of control

"Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" season 5 has spiraled so far out of control it has exceeded the bounds of moderation. This high-stakes, high energy saga has reached a new level of senseless folly with no end in sight. Through out the season, cast members were engulfed in on-screen and off-screen battles, love triangles and physical altercations. The drama heightened once salacious photos of Benzino’s girlfriend, Althea, were leaked on Instagram. This sparked an all out Twitter war between Stevie J, Benzino, Joseline and Althea Heart. The scandalous posts were inundated with hateful commentary, vial threats of physical harm and homophobic slurs-- all of which spilled over to Tuesday's taping of the reunion show.

Stevie and Benzino beef excalates
Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images

Tensions were so high during at the taping, apparently a massive brawl ensued between several cast members. The police were quickly called, but unfortunately an officer's flesh was allegedly bitten off in the process of breaking up the fight. The reunion taping was immediately stopped and there is no word on what started the fight or when the reunion taping will resume.

Mona Scott Young, the show's executive producer, is now being accused of setting the whole thing up for ratings purposes. Bravo TV scored big in the ratings department when a clip of the infamous fight between Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams was used as the reunion's teaser. Millions tuned in to watch tempers erupt into an explosive brawl with Porsha dragging Kenya by her hair.

Benzino claims that Mona failed to have enough security monitoring Joseline's out of control behavior and even accused her of master minding the whole thing. He went on to say that after the fight was over, Mona joined Joseline for dinner, but never once checked in to see if any of the other cast members were ok. He posted a photo on social media of Mona and Joseline smiling at dinner moments after the reunion fight. He took to Twitter and posted a very emotional screed accusing Mona of being disingenuous and he didn't hold back.

"...Something aint (sic) right and the truth will come out." He went on to say, "It was premeditated and Mona and VH1 should have stepped in a long time ago and prevented this but instead they let her [Joseline] run wild, #thisaintover.”

In the meantime, social media continues to buzz about the drama and Mona Scott Young has yet to respond to any of these accusations.

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