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'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' drama: Erica Pinkett claims Bambi put a hit on her

Erica Pinkett blames a recent Atlanta club attack on co-star and man competition Bambi Johnson.
Erica Pinkett blames a recent Atlanta club attack on co-star and man competition Bambi Johnson.
Erica Pinkett/Instagram

Erica Pinkett made an enemy out of Bambi Johnson while the two battled for Lil' Scrappy's attention on this season of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta." After a recent Atlanta night club attack that left Erica with some pretty serious injuries, she's got something to say about it. According to a Thursday report by Urban Daily, Erica Pinkett says that Bambi put a hit on her and that resulted in her being attacked.

On June 9 while partying in Atlanta's Taboo Club, Erica Pinkett was attacked. According to police, she was coming out of the ladie's restroom when a woman snuck up behind her, punched her in the face and slashed her with a razor blade. Pinkett's injuries were so severe that according to several reports, the scene was a bloody mess.

The suspect fled before authorities could make an arrest in Erica's A-town stomp but police were able to gather enough evidence to make an arrest. Stephanie Nicole Harp was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for the attack on Erica. It is unclear if police are investigating a possible association with Bambi Johnson or not. Erica Pinkett did point the finger at Bambi though. She told cops that Bambi put a hit out on her. She truly believes this incident wouldn't have happened if Bambi hadn't set it up.

If Bambi did put a hit on Erica Pinkett, it would make sense. Erica is the woman who tried to hook up with an already hooked up Lil' Scrappy on multiple episodes of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" season three. She was introduced to Bambi as a friend of Lil' Scrappy and not as an aspiring side chick. It would make sense after Bambi sees just how thirsty Erica was for Scrappy that she wasn't respecting the fact that Lil' Scrappy was not single.

Bambi has hit Erica before and she can throw a mean blow. If she wanted revenge on Erica Pinkett for trying to steal her man, why wouldn't she just do it herself? Erica and Bambi have had multiple run ins as well as multiple dramatic Twitter feuds. The timing of this attack lines up with rumors that Bambi and Lil' Scrappy reuniting. It also comes just after episodes showing Erica putting way too much effort into her attempt to sleep with Lil' Scrappy. Do you think Bambi is behind the Erica Pinkett beat down? Tell us what you think in the comments below.