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'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' break up rumors: Is it over for Joseline and Stevie J?

Rumor has it that Joseline and Stevie J may be done for good.
Rumor has it that Joseline and Stevie J may be done for good.
Joseline Hernandez/Instagram

Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez are going through some major relationship trouble right now. The "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" stars are rumored to have broken up and this time it looks like Stevie J might not be at fault (at least not completely.) According to a Thursday report by TMZ, Stevie J broke up with Joseline for cheating on him and he has loads of evidence.

Rumors of a fake marriage and financial troubles have been plaguing the "LAHHATL" stars throughout the entire third season. Stevie J and Joseline have been facing drama and allegations for months. Most recently Stevie J was even arrested for failing to pay child support to the tune of over a million dollars.

So what does it take to finally break up the Atlanta power couple? Cheating rumors. According to Stevie J, Joseline has been cheating on him with several rappers and he is through.

The most damaging of the allegations is the rumor that Joseline Hernandez and Rick Ross have been hooking up. Sister 2 Sister even reported that Joseline might be pregnant with Rick Ross' baby.

It is unclear if the rumor is true or if Joseline is even pregnant but infidelity rumors have often haunted one or both of the reality TV stars. Don't forget that their whole relationship began while Stevie J was still with Mimi. Joseline has often accused Stevie J of cheating on her too and that wouldn't be much of a stretch given his history. Now it looks like the tables have turned and Stevie J never saw it coming.

While neither Stevie J or Joseline Hernandez have made any official statement about a possible break up (or divorce if you actually believe they are married) it's not looking good for the two. Stevie J denied having a "Puerto Rican Princess" on Twitter. That is what Joseline calls herself. Meanwhile, Joseline has been very quiet on social media and that normally isn't her thing.

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