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'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' brawl video leaked: Shay Johnson attacks with bottle

No matter what Shay goes through with Lil' Scrappy, she stays tight with his mother.
No matter what Shay goes through with Lil' Scrappy, she stays tight with his mother.
Shay Johnson/Instagram

It has been roughly three months since the bar brawl caught on tape at the grand opening of Stevie J and Benzino's new restaurant. The fight happened on the first night of filming for "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" and resulted in a bodyguard on site for each reality star filming. On Sunday, World Star Hip Hop released footage of the fight that shows Shay Johnson hitting a friend of Joseline Hernandez over the head with a bottle, effectively sending the bloody party-goer on an ambulance ride.

According to reports, the whole fight happened because of Momma Dee who was in the VIP section with her son Scrappy and his former flame Shay Johnson. Apparently Joseline Hernandez' friend, whose identity is unknown, was close to the trio and popping off at the mouth when Momma Dee felt the girl needed to be taught a lesson.

Rather than Momma Dee stepping in and having a talk with the girl, Shay decided to take care of the mouthy woman. Shay and the other woman can be seen on the tape arguing and throwing insults at each other when Shay must have had enough because she charged the woman. Apparently Shay fights dirty too because reports say that she hit the poor girl with a Ciroc bottle and dragged her Kenya Moore-style across the floor before the fight was broken up. Joseline's friend was getting stomped by Shay Johnson like she didn't even know what hit her.

Stevie J had to step in and help the poor girl whose face was covered in blood. She was seen leaving with Stevie's shirt wrapped around her head to stop the bleeding.

It is because of this fight at Stevie J and Benzino's restaurant called Sleazy and Zino's Bistro and Bar that the cast has been assigned bodyguards and fights are being broken up on the spot. It was a close call at the opening of the restaurant and Love & Hip Hop producers don't want anyone to really get hurt. It has been said that there is even a warrant out for Shay Johnson's arrest because of this incident.