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Love & Hip Hop: Amina Buddafly pregnancy rumors

Is Amina pregnant with Peter Gunz' baby?
Photo by David Buchan/Getty Images

Is she or isn't she pregnant with Peter Gunz' baby? That's what fans of "Love and Hip Hop" want to know. On Jan. 28 Enstarz reported that despite the couple's silence, things are starting to look pretty positive.

Amina Buddafly and Peter Gunz are keeping quiet on any baby news and Amina has said that all will be revealed at the reunion show. More than likely, the pair are keeping quiet due to contractual obligations but there is plenty of evidence.

Not long ago, the couple were photographed together at a doctor's office. Now one may have just been supporting the other but how often do couples go to the doctor together? It has also been rumored that it was some sort of free clinic.

After the most recent episode of "Love & Hip Hop" the pregnancy radar went off even more. When Peter Gunz met up with Nick Cannon to talk relationship, Cannon gave him some surprisingly sound advice. Then Gunz decided to try and be better to Amina. That was surprising too because he already has children and a history with Tara Wallace.

Peter Gunz talked to Cannon about his marriage to Amina Buddafly. He said he got cold feet when house hunting. It seems she pointed out a room to be the baby's room and he got scared a bit.

What do you think of Peter Gunz and Amina Buddafly? Is she really pregnant or will fans be let down during the upcoming reunion?

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