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Love grows?

We’ve all heard the expression “Love can Grow” right? I think it’s fair to assume that yes, Love can grow. Given that years ago people we’re married without even having spoken, and then as their marriage grew in years, so did their Love.

In this same love-vein, I was pondering connections, and how we get connected, and what makes us feel connected, or dis-connected from the potential loves of our lives.
Can we fall in love without that connection? And here’s even more of a mind blow, can we fall in love, and have the connection come later?

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
I’ve been stuck in a mine shaft of cynicism and disbelief of the concept Love for the past year, CNN hasn’t been covering it, and no one has offered me a book deal, but that doesn’t make my experience any less traumatizing. As I write this, I am trying through gritted teeth to not sound like the jaded cynic that I’ve been of late. It’s bad for readers, and bad for the lines on my face, of which are minimal, thanks l’oreal – I AM worth it (wink/Hair toss) !!

What is this concept of connection, and what draws people together? I know that I don’t have a physical type. If you make me laugh and are respectful whilst still giving me a bit of insight into your dirty mind, I may still want to have the old go around even if you look like an aging wookie.

I would like to go out on a limb and say that No, you would be hard pressed to fall in love with someone without having that connection first. I like to have background information, and so meeting someone out of context to anything that is familiar to me will not produce an everlasting love.

I am turned on by familiarity; which is an unfortunate reality because the people the most familiar are people you already spend every waking moment with; friends, coworkers or your family. You can’t and should NOT date any of these people. Which makes me to wonder if we are all supposed to force a connection to get over the hump of awkward and into the realm of Love?

Faithful readers (friends) what say you?


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