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Love, Fate, and Passion Come Together in Reana Malori's Romance Novel

What Matters Most

One of the needs that any human-being has is love. We need love in order to grow, to feel alive, and to thrive. However, we often put this area of our lives on hold while working more on building a career or on creating a successful business, and then, one day, we are hit by the realization that we need someone’s affection and nurturing care. This is what happens to Evan Knight, one of the main characters in “What Matters Most (Hero’s Crossing)” by Reana Malori.

“What Matters Most” is a romance novel which tells the story of two very different persons: on one hand, we have Evan Knight, a man who has dedicated his life to the Marine Corps, while always putting his needs after his duties; and on the other hand, there’s Sierra Walker, a single mother who dreams of doing and being more both for herself and for her son. Their lives change completely after Sierra’s son starts sending Evan letters. He is a nine year old boy who has to keep in touch with the Major as part of a school project.

This school project has a huge impact of both Evan and Sierra. After his first visit to her son’s school, Sierra and Evan slowly get to know each other, and they eventually fall in love with each other. Both are governed by the feeling that they were meant to meet and to be together. “What Matters Most” depicts their relationship from its gentle beginning and up to the point where it turns into a passionate bond.

“What Matter Most (Hero’s Crossing)” will warm your heart with its beautifully written romance story. For more information on Reana Malori and her other works, you may visit her site. Also, you can find “What Matters Most” on Amazon, on Barnes & Nobles, and on All Romance Books.

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