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Love Doesen't Have to Hurt

They say that love is blind. When someone is in love they can't see the other person's bad qualities because they are so much in love with that person. Then they get hurt. Some people got hurt so many times in their past that they give up on love. They focus only on their work or hide behind them because they are scared of getting hurt.

Love does not mean you have to get hurt. The real meaning of love is being with that person who can't make you stop smiling. It is possible that you could be in love and be happy. After all when you are in love you feel happy. Being in love gives out a wonderful emotion.

Before anyone else loves you, you have to love yourself. You have to see what an amazing person you are and tell yourself that you are worthy of love.

When someone loves you they will not hurt you. When you love yourself you will not keep going back to the person who hurt you and let yourself be a punching bag. You will know that you deserve love and will focus on the person who will give you nothing but it.

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