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Love Cycles App in search of natural contraception

Love Cycles App
Love Cycles App

What’s wrong with doctors pushing contraception on women as if being a woman is something to be feared and hated? Everything is wrong with that picture. For instance, how many of you have viewed the movie, The Moon Inside You, which is the director’s filming of the political and societal prejudice on women menstruating. As if women are like dogs to be neutered, the movie interviews the inventor of the contraceptive implant, who suggests that like cats and dogs, young girls should be allowed to have one period and then be implanted with his device which completely stops menstruation for months at a time. Not to mention the chances of migraine and cancer at the increased doses of hormones to the detriment of women’s health.

Being a menstruating female is not a nuisance

The pressures women put on themselves and the roles society and men expect women to fall under just because women want equal pay and to vote, need not make us sterile or any less of a woman. The woman is taking care of the children and working in a majority of the homes these days, what, because she menstruates she should not have the same pay as a man?

Women have tried every contraception out there

The truth is there is no such thing as a sure thing when it comes to prescribed contraception, and women are experiencing all sorts of side effects from being bloated and rage to women in their thirties experiencing early menopause which leads to another prescription, Prozac. Yeast infections from spermicide, loss of libido from the pill, cramps and heavy bleeding from the IUD, and a complete loss of cycle with the Mirena Coil.

Why on earth hasn’t there ever been contraception invented for men? The wear and tear on women’s body, and the responsibility for intervening with fertilization of the sperm and egg within the female is taking its toll.

Which leads women to natural contraception, The Billings Method

It’s natural alright you must learn the signs of ovulation, temperature, and become acquainted with your change in mucous production. As the cervix moves up and down the vaginal canal walls during the course of the month; while you are bleeding and supposedly infertile it is low, firm and the opening is almost closed. When you are not bleeding and ovulating, the cervix is high and the lips are open wide.

Which brings us to the Love shack

In the days of old before android and iPhone, the calendar was used, kept and sometimes hidden. Now with the technological gift of the smart phone, there is an easy and fun way to keep track of your contraception and menstrual cycle, the Love Cycle App.

Log in the love

You can set the security with a password only you know, and you can keep track of your sex life. This smart App can also tell you when you will be most likely starting for consecutive upcoming months due to your entry dates of menstruation days gone by. Log in your symptoms and moods and the little bugger will predict those for you too. Of course along with the grand poobah of “accurate and automatic time of fertility.”

The Love Cycle App also has a “Pill Reminder Alert,” and it’s free. Yes it’s a great thing to be a woman, something to be rather proud of, naturally.

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