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Love comes when you least expect it, but don't stop looking

Doing things you love, like wine tasting, can help find your soul mate.
Doing things you love, like wine tasting, can help find your soul mate.
Marco Secchi/Getty Images

When going through the grieving stages of a breakup, many of your friends tell you, "the real one is still out there, you just haven't found him, yet." After the tissue stage is over, you start looking for love-- and usually in all the wrong places. After a few disappointments, your friends chime in once again by sharing their words of wisdom: "love comes when you least expect it. So stop looking!"

Although your confidants mean well, and for the most part are right, it doesn't mean you should become a recluse. The best advice for singles dating would be: live your life to the fullest, and you may meet your significant other while you are doing the things you love. If not, you still had the pleasurable experiences to look back on, and can be proud of how you spent your time.

In the book, Mars and Venus on a Date, the author, John Gray Ph.D., suggests many ways of "finding" your soul mate while doing your favorite activities. Serendipity often occurs when you are meeting new acquaintances through friends. Don't be shy about joining them for parties or backyard get-togethers. Try taking a class offered by a local school for an activity you're interested in, like cooking, sculpting or dance classes.

Single parents can often find other single parents by meeting in places that are frequented, like parks, church or school events. Your child might have friends that also live in a single parent situation, so it makes sense to be social and active around your child's life. Invite other parents over for conversation, and you never know when friends of friends might bring a love connection.

For more events to look into, here's a list of things happening around San Diego. What better way to find your "soul mate" than by pursuing your own passions? You already know he or she has good taste. Wait until they get to know you.


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