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Love Bugs

Materials needed to create your Love Bug
Materials needed to create your Love Bug

After you've completed your Glittery Window Hearts, you can hang them in your window, give them as Valentines, or use them to create these cute Love Bugs.

Craft sticks and googley eyes turn your Glittery Window Hearts into these sweet Love Bugs
dba 2010

Glittery Window Heart
2 Craft sticks
White glue
Googley eyes
Glitter glue (optional)
½” Button magnet (optional)

Apply a thin line of white glue down the full length of one craft stick.

Lay the Glittery Window Heart on the craft stick with the tip of the heart aligned with the middle of the craft stick (see photo.) Apply a thin line of white glue down the middle of the Glittery Window Heart.

Place your creature under a heavy book for several hours while the glue dries.

When the glue has dried, your creature looks a lot like a winged bug. You can write your Valentine greeting on the body of the bug. You may apply glitter glue down the body of the bug, and use it to attach googley eyes; or just use white glue to attach the eyes.

These Love Bugs can be given as they are, or attach a ½” button magnet to the back to display your creature on the frige.


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