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Love Brought to You by the Train

He is sitting in his seat looking out the window at the scenery as the train rolls by. He has a huge bouquet of flowers and a large heart shaped box of chocolates. He just cannot wait to get to the station. He had anticipated this moment for a very long time. He continues to look outside and sees that he is almost there. The station is in his sight. The train slows down on its approach. Looking outside he sees a very beautiful woman sitting on a bench. The train stops. He gets up. He walks down the aisle to the exit. He walks down the steps to the platform. The very beautiful woman he saw sitting on the bench darts out to him and hugs him tight.
“I love you.” She is kissing him all over. “I love you.”
“Happy Valentine’s Day!” He hands her the roses and the box of chocolates.
“I have your favorite tonight,” she says with a twinkle in her eyes.
They slowly walk away from the station to spend their Valentine’s Day together.
Throughout the year the railroad bring spouses together. On Valentine’s Day, the railroad will bring many men and women to the one’s they love. May this day be special with the one you love.

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