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Love bread? Grab lunch at BreadBar in Century City, where the loaves are the main event

The breadbasket at BreadBar (from front to back): curry, cheese, olive, and rustic wheat breads
The breadbasket at BreadBar (from front to back): curry, cheese, olive, and rustic wheat breads

The duet lunch with Cobb salad and cauliflower soup

For all the gluten-lovers out there, your train has arrived. It’s called BreadBar, and with its array of tasty lunch dishes, it’s sure to have something to please everyone – even the budget-conscious.

While not everything on the menu at BreadBar falls under the category of cheap eats, they do offer some fantastic lunch deals that won’t leave you gasping for your next payday. There are a few salad options for just $12, but if you’re really looking for a deal then aim for the duet lunch: a half-portion of soup and salad (or soup and sandwich) for the same $12 price tag.

The French onion soup is good but not extraordinary, so if you’re craving a liquid lunch you should look instead to the mouth-watering cauliflower soup. It’s thick without being overly so, flavorful without losing the delicate taste of cauliflower. Best of all, it’s not grainy in the least, as cauliflower soup so often is.

The Cobb salad is a great choice to round out your duet lunch. Fresh mixed greens topped with avocado, egg, turkey, scallions, cucumbers, bacon, and blue cheese provide a hearty, healthy, and filling accompaniment to the cauliflower soup. The Cobb also comes with two slices of BreadBar’s devilishly good cheese bread.

And if you’re looking to tack on a little something to your meal, opt for the breadbasket for just $5.50. You’ll get a selection of four different breads, plus three signature spreads. Our basket (see slideshow below) included a rustic wheat bread, cheese bread, olive bread, and unique curry bread. The spreads were hummus, sun-dried tomato, and a divine garlicky pesto that paired exceedingly well with the cheese bread.

With its subtly hip décor and Century City zip code, you might expect to pay more at a place like BreadBar, but thanks to the great lunch deals you can have your bread and eat it, too.

10250 Santa Monica Blvd.
(Inside the Century City mall)
Los Angeles, CA 90067