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Love Bra? Japanese lingerie locks unless true love lingers (video)

The Japanese Love Bra has fans around the world checking out the latest bra built on science. It might come as a surprise, but this new bra has people interested in buying it because it offers a glimpse to the wearer on whether she is in love or just in the moment. According to UpRoxx on Saturday, the combination of underwear and technology might revolutionize the bra for future generations.

What’s so special about the Love Bra? It’s the snap in front that is completely controlled by technology. It’s locked – good and tight – unless the person wearing the bra has a substantial increase in heart rate and ultimately tipping off the computer chip that there is a genuine emotion. At that point the locked clasp automatically locks and the lingerie can come off. Watch the video to see the bra in action, saving women from flashy guys and those with bad intentions.

Using technology to keep a bra in place also has some scientists suggesting it will reduce mistakes made by people who didn’t think the moment through or others who don’t have good intentions. Making sure the moment is right by the increased heart beat means that science played a role in what happens next (and gives the green light.)

The Love Bra is the Cadillac of bras for sure. While the Love Bra isn’t for sale yet, the company is looking for a few couples to test-drive the underwear to see how it works for them. Expecting positive results, the Love Bra might be seen in stores down the road.

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