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Love and prayers for moms


Motherhood. Can you feel the love?!  Photo by Mitchell Parrett

When you're a kid, you do all the standard things a kid is supposed to do for their mom on Mother's Day. You make homemade cards, gifts, and go along with whatever Daddy has planned for Mommy in order to make her day special. You do your best to pour out your love and appreciation for her because, by golly, she deserves it! No matter what homemade treasure you give her, she loves it (or at least she says she does). Anything goes as long as it's from the heart!

Now, you're all grown up. The time has come for you to be on the receiving end of things. It's your turn to get the handmade cards, the "I love you Mom" sentiments, and the little plants that they bring home from school in styrofoam cups.

Can you feel the love? Can you relate to the way your own mother most have felt? You beamed with pride as you gave her your gift! Now, you see that same look of love on your own child's face as he or she gives you something that they made "just for you". It is heartwarming and priceless! They are the moments that make you cherish motherhood! 

Praise God for holidays like these! Forget the commercialism and the marketing used to capitalize on days like this! Instead, cherish the simple moments that money can never buy! Soak it in and reflect on just how proud you are to be a mom and how much you love your own mother (or someone who is like a mother to you). Appreciate all the nurturing women in your life that have always been there for you! Praise God for them; and count yourself blessed if you are the kind of woman that someone sees fit to honor! 

May we also remember, in the midst of such celebratory moments, to take a second to remember those who might have a hard time celebrating. Mother's Day can sometimes be a painful day because we remember the Moms that we have rough relationships with or that are no longer with us. Others are reminded of the fact that they are childless or that they have lost a child through a tragic accident, abduction, miscarriage, abortion, or some other way. Mother's Day can be bittersweet, but it helps us to cherish and appreciate what we have and pray for women we know who are hurting.

To every mom and Proverbs 31 woman out there, we tip our hats to you! We honor and remember mothers past and present as we offer you our love and prayers! Happy Mother's Day!


  • Shane 5 years ago

    THank God for mothers! Went shopping with my little sisters and it was PRICELESS!

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