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Love and Pounds


  • Victor--Seattle Singles Scene 6 years ago

    Good points Heidi! There are differences between fat culture and thin culture because the people in those cultures carry themselves differently. They go to some different places. They do some different things. They socialize with some different people. So they cultivate some different attitudes and behaviors. It's apparent among CELEBRITIES...and celebrities are a lot more homogeneous group than the rest of the American population. But in the celebrity population we can see Pamela Anderson has a slightly different lifestyle than Camryn Manheim because Anderson is considered a sex object and Manheim isn't. It will come as little shock to most people that a couple of years ago Anderson surprised Hugh Hefner at one of his birthday parties by bringing him a birthday present stark naked except for high heels. Manheim doesn't have a reputation for parading around even scantily clad.

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