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Love and marriage? Not in Minnesota...yet

Black lesbians marry
Black lesbians marry

America has a history of voting for things that shouldn’t need a vote. With the yes or no questions on the ballot, there should also be a “duh” option. Here are examples of what this country’s citizens or elected officials have voted on over the past century.

Should we end slavery?

Should we give equal rights to women?

Should we give equal rights to minorities?


See what I mean? So why are we surprised, based on history, that they have now entered our bedrooms? They’ve voted on heterosexual bedroom rights too with giving interracial couples the right to marry. Yes, that was once illegal.

Now, it’s all about the LGBT community and our right to marry the person we love. Our right to raise a family, and be a part of society without any backlash. As a taxpayer, these rights should be automatic, just as it is with heterosexual couples. We shouldn’t have to ask the government or anyone else for permission. But, we do. And unfortunately, a lot of narrow-minded people in Minnesota could decide our fate in November 2012.

Of course we’re going to do all that we can to stop them, but, if it does pass, that doesn’t mean you cannot marry the person you love. Not at all. What it means is that you have to take extra steps to protect your marriage. Here’s how.

1. Try to marry in a place where same sex marriages are legal. Even though it’s not legal here in Minnesota, having a marriage license makes you feel validated. And it can help with all of the other legal documents you have to fill out.

2. Find a lawyer who is LGBT friendly, or a part of the community themselves.

3. Make sure that lawyer helps you fill out health care proxies and living wills. The stack will be enormous, but it’s necessary to protect yourself and your wife.

4. Prepare yourself or your spouse to apply for second parent adoption if there are kids involved. And if you plan on having children, get all of the preliminary paperwork done for that as well.

Even after all of this, there’s still over a 1000 rights that we won’t have that are given freely to heterosexual married couples. Just knowing that should make everyone angry. Just knowing that there is inequality for anyone, for any reason, is an injustice to everyone. Hopefully Minnesotans turn out in droves to deny the amendment to the Minnesota constitution that will define marriage as being between one man, and one woman. Until then, protect yourself and your loved ones in every way possible – legal documents are the best way to do that.

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