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‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ ratings dominate WWE Raw on cable TV

As VH1 prepares to debut a special Thursday night episode of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” tonight at 8pm, it’s probably a good idea to let you know that if you’re not one of the people currently watching this reality soap opera, you’re definitely one of the few.

In fact, “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,” which is currently almost finished with its third season, consistently is the top watched cable program on Monday nights.

According to TV By the Numbers on, “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” dominates Monday night programming this summer. And yes, while it is the summer doldrums of television, the ratings juggernaut that is “Love and Hip Hop” has been something that’s been sustained since the series premiered.

Often teetering between a 1.8 and 2.1 rating in the 18-49 demographic, “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” beats out USA’s WWE Raw, “Family Guy” repeats, “American Dad” repeats, “Robot Chicken,” and “Hit the Floor.”

“Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” garners huge ratings among the African American female demographic, and features storylines involving music, infidelity, and a sex tape involving one of the show’s stars. Before the show's premiere, reports came out that Mimi Faust was seen in a sex tape with her boyfriend.

On the show, Mimi and her boyfriend maintain that the tape was leaked. Claiming that the sex tape was taken from a bag at the airport, Mimi has been skeptical of her boyfriend but decided to believe him in good faith. It's believed by some viewers, and potentially some in the media and even co-stars on the show, that the leaked tape looks far too professionally lit to have been a simple home movie that accidentally fell into the wrong hands.

The show, too, has been dealing with the storyline of Mimi deciding to profit off of the tape because it was going to come out anyway, and she would have had no control or personal benefit from it had she not struck a deal. Her friends, like Ariane or Erica, have had mixed emotions about her decision that vary from shock and disappoint to outright anger and hurt.

"Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" typically airs Monday nights at 8 pm, but will debut a special bonus episode tonight at 8 pm. To catch "Love and Hip Hop" regularly, you can tune into VH1.

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