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‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’: Joseline bullied by show's fans?

Since “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” premiered on VH1, fans have pegged cast member Joseline as not only a home wrecker, but potentially a transgendered contestant, too.

Is Joseline being bullied by hateful fans of 'Love and Hip Hop Atlanta' because of the transgender rumors?

And for whatever reason, the idea that Joseline is or was a man—which is of course nothing but pure speculation—has caused fans of the show to spew hateful comments about the female rapper on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media outlets.

Yes, Stevie J gets a lot of hate mail, too. What’s going on between him and Mimi is shocking, and on episode 3 of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,” Stevie J attempted to intimidate Erica with veiled threats after she mocked him.

That kind of fan venom, especially from female viewers, is to be expected.

But a special kind of disdain is reserved for Joseline, a woman who most fans never even had heard of just one month ago.

There’s no doubt that Joseline deserves serious criticism for being Stevie’s jump off, and if the rumors are true that she aborted Stevie’s baby, she’ll likely feel some serious wrath from the show’s hard core viewers.

But it’s the transgender card that continues to get pulled in Joseline’s face, so much so that the reality star opted to post a nude photo of herself online to prove she isn’t a man.

That hasn’t stopped fans from calling out Joseline for not being 100% female, however. This video illustrates the fact well, where media personality Cadillac Kimberly appears to have no problem pointedly asking Joseline if she’s a man—directly to Joseline’s face.

After a season of “Basketball Wives,” which saw fans sign petitions in an effort to boycott the show for its celebration of bullying, how ironic is it that many of the same viewers (“Love and Hip Hop” and “Basketball Wives” are similar shows with similar audiences), are now choosing to bully one of the show’s stars based solely on her looks?

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