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‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’: Joseline and Stevie J leave Mimi shocked, angry

The premiere of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” was predictably wild, with the Stevie J, Joseline, and Mimi triangle taking center stage and overshadowing most of the other cast members.

Joseline comes across as a homewrecker on the season premiere of 'Love and Hip Hop Atlanta'

Airing in the slot of “Basketball Wives,” and carrying the name of the much-watched original “Love and Hip Hop,” the Atlanta spin off featured a Rihanna-looking rapper in Joseline and yet another crazy mother (Mama Jones now been replaced by a former pimp and dope dealer in Momma Dee).

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The first episode of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” centered on the obsession with Stevie J by two women—Mimi and Joseline—although at least Mimi seemed to have a certain level of integrity despite being an enabler in the relationship with Stevie (as said by her friend Ariane).

If you missed the premiere, here’s a brief breakdown. Stevie J is a music producer who is working hard for his female artist Joseline. Joseline is infatuated with Stevie J (earlier in the episode, she suggested that Stevie is charming that he “f***s my brains”).

The problem with this? Stevie J is already involved in a relationship with Mimi, a woman he has been with for 15 years.

So fast forward to the end of the episode, where its revealed by Karlie (in front of Mimi) at a party that Stevie J may have kissed Joseline at an unspecified point in time. An already frustrated Mimi understandably gets upset (“I’m gonna knock your head off your f*cking shoulders right now”), and demands answers from Stevie J—who has none to give.

Meanwhile, Joseline gets upset that Stevie J is running after Mimi and not her—to the point where she throws a drink on him and the pair get into a verbal confrontation, too.

In the end, Stevie J has a lot of making up to do--especially since he seemed to choose Joseline over Mimi as the show faded to black.

Here’s a few more quotes from the crazy premiere of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta”:

“With my coaching, she’s about to go to the top” –Stevie J on Joseline.

“Everybody think, ‘she’s a bad b**h, he get all the b*****s.’ It’s not really about Stevie getting in my pants. I want Stevie forever. He f***s my brains.” -Joseline on Stevie J.

“She used to pimp and sell dope back in the day” –Lil’ Scrappy on his mother Momma Dee.

“Your man is gonna be a man, and you’re just gonna have to get that through your head” –Joseline to Mimi.

“Until you see us kissing, until you see us sexing, don’t come at me with that. I can’t help that I’m beautiful, and I can’t help that he’s beautiful, and yeah, we look real good together. Stevie and I have great chemistry. I can’t help that.” –Joseline.

“Karlie is a rat” –Stevie J on Karlie, who told Mimi that she saw Joseline kiss Stevie J.

“I’m gonna knock your head off your f*****g shoulders right now” –Mimi to Stevie J.

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