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‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’: Althea drops sex bomb on Benzino

On “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” season 3, episode 9, we get to see that Benzino and Althea’s relationship may potentially hit a snag when she drops a massive bomb on Zino that could not only destroy his romantic relationship, but a relationship with his close friend and business partner.

On the episode, Althea will reveal that she once had a romantic relationship with Zino’s best friend, Stevie J.

And as expected, this is going to cause some major friction and drama down the road—something that fans of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” just can’t get enough of.

In fact, compared to other things happening on the show, this revelation by Althea may not even crack the top 5. In just a few short weeks, fans have seen Karlie Redd attempt to fight a woman who admitted to sleeping with her man, Lil’ Scrappy get Bambi pregnant (and then Bambi losing the pregnancy), and Kirk fly all the way down to New Orleans to confront his estranged wife.

Joseline has already given her ring back to Stevie J after she found naked pictures on his phone—only to be coupled up with him in a hot tub one episode later.

And then, of course, there’s Mimi. Mimi, who would often take the moral high ground in previous seasons when it came to Stevie J, made a sex take with her boyfriend that somehow got into the hands of some big movers and shakers in the adult entertainment business.

Instead of having the tape released and her not profit on it, Mimi decides to sign a deal in which she will receive a good sized check from it. And despite having reservations about the man she made the tape with (in the back of her mind, she believes he leaked the tape), she has stayed with him—at least up until episode 8 (we’ll see how long that lasts).

So what will be the result of Althea dropping the Stevie J bomb on Benzino? We’ll have to wait until the episode airs to find out.

Episode 9 of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” debuts on Monday night on VH1. You can watch a preview of the episode here.

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