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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: 5 Reasons why you need to watch this season

Mimi and Nikko have a leaked sex tape
Mimi and Nikko have a leaked sex tape

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is sure to bring even more drama then last season. Things reportedly got so amped up during one taping that the producers decided to make it a rule to not have civilians on location for future tapings. Just recently it’s also been reported that several of the cast members have hired personal bodyguards due to assaults from other cast members while filming. Sounds like more than a typical wine throwing and weave pulling scenario if all of this is in play.

If you’ve been lacking a little reality drama in your life than feast your eyes on this season’s line up and check out 5 reasons you don’t wanna miss it.

Stevie J & Joseline are married? Yes, this is in the form of a question because no one can seem to find any court papers showing these two are legitimately married, but Joseline states she and Stevie J tied the knot at the courthouse on July 29th. She is ready to fight when Ariane and Scrappy’s ex, Erica, question if Joseline is telling the truth about her marriage. Can you blame them?

Mimi and Nikko have a sex tape. Mimi and Nikko will not be winning any awards for their performance any time soon - not the sex tape performance - but the poor acting performance when Mimi pretends to be devastated that her so called sex tape with boyfriend Nikko was stolen from his travel luggage. He conveniently suggests they capitalize from the leaked tape. Hmmm, black Kim Kardashian anyone? Good luck earning that type of money. Sex tapes seem to have more leaks than an old person wearing Depends. Perhaps Mimi and Nikko should consider doing a lucrative deal with Home Depot to promote sturdy shower rods. If you don’t know about the shower rod sex scene by now you’ve been living under a rock.

Waka Flocka joins the cast. Flocka appears to be a more relevant artist on the show, which could prove to be an interesting bonus. The viewers will get to see him performing onstage and dealing with relationship problems with his fiancé offstage. The assumption can be made that he made it on the show thanks to his “momager” Deb Antney who made frequent guest appearances last season and is good friends with Rasheeda and the show’s creator Mona Scott Young.

Bambi from Basketball Wives LA is dating Scrappy. If you blinked last season you might’ve missed Bambi on an episode with Benzino and Kirk at the infamous lake cabin scene. Now supposedly she’s in love with Scrappy. Is she the new Erica? Bambi and Scrappy are guaranteed to bring the heat. A whole lotta ratchet behavior to come. Benzino gets shot and lands in the hospital. Nikko and Stevie potentially fight over the sex tape scandal. Karlie dates “Juice Box” and “It’s Going Down” rapper Young Joc and Momma Dee wreaks havoc from the throne in her palace aka her Atlanta condo.