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Love and comedy in 'About Last Night'

With the handful of films with romantically centered content that came out for Valentines Day, the one people gravitated to more was Steve Pink's romantic comedy, About Last Night, starring Kevin Hart, Michael Ealy, Regina Hall, and Joy Bryant. This film follows two couples who meet in a bar and their search for a functional relationship.

About Last Night
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It was refreshing to see a romantic comedy that centered around people in their 30s that didn’t end with marriage or a proposal. It lets me know there is still time. The dating scene is quite overwhelming now days. Between meeting people the “old fashion way” and the plethora of dating sites out there, it’s hard to find a functional relationship. From one night stands to friends with benefits, from have never been in a steady relationship to newly single with trust issues, it’s a hard knock life out there for young women.

When I watched About Last Night on Valentine's Day, (cliche, I know) I thought it was very good. I once learned that what makes a good movie, is one that provides good entertainment, touches people’s feelings, and mirrors society. About Last Night has all three qualities.

First, this film provides good entertainment through the combined talents of Kevin Hart and Regina Hall. They have that special chemistry that exudes as a great performance on screen. I loved Hart in Think Like A Man and I loved Hall in Best Man Holiday, but the two of them interacting with each other as a couple is comedic awesomeness. Michael Ealy and Joy Bryant make the cutest couple. Their chemistry was great. Joy Bryant is really good at playing the awesome girlfriend. The four of them are great with each other making this film what it is.

Secondly, About Last Night did tug at my heart strings, but it was the combination of the third point of mirroring society that did that for me. Not only did it mirror society, but it definitely mirrored aspects of my life to the point where I truly believe this film was about me; like I should be looking for hidden cameras. Not to divulge too much of my personal life, but this film definitely hit the nail on the head in a lot of scenes. I could relate which made the film that much better.

Critics ask, is this film believable, are we watching this movie feeling like it could happen to us or are we waiting for whatever the writer and director agreed upon to pop up on screen, and are we invested in the characters? I would have to say About Last Night is a giant yes to all those questions. I know first hand that this film is believable and I was invested in the characters, trying to foresee a possible similar outcome to my life. I would recommend that you take the time and go and see this film. Even if you don’t think comedian Kevin Hart is funny, which is nonsense, I would say, see it because right now our society is all about the latest way to find your perfect match and this film is a reminder for all of us that meeting someone right for you is challenging, but not impossible.

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