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Love advice: Try a Valentine shag bag and hot kisses

The Shag Bag concept was started several years ago when a hotel put together a kit for love and passion. Priced at $18 it became a very hot seller placed in a hotel room. Here was the catch. Take it off the shelf. Spend more than 60 seconds examining the contents from condoms to toys, and it is yours, billed to your room: CBS News. The name comes from the British definition of shagging -- sex, hot and heavy. What started out at an ultra hotel in Atlantic City is turning into creative "at home" entertainment.

Think hot love.
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The stay-at-home shag kit and hot kisses

Want to create some unexpected passion in your home? Make up your own passion pack. Fill it with unexpected pleasures from toys and massage oils to a deck of cards with 52 positions. Then you can take turns saying: “Pick a card.”

Remember to kiss slowly and lovingly.

Maybe add a little treat from Love note: 6 best Valentine's Day gifts.

The always ready to go bag

I have an antique and jeweled collection of purses that hang in the living room "Always ready to party." One day a friend asked if she could borrow one. Then the next week, she borrowed another. Then another. She always returned them and never said a word about the event she was attending. Finally one day she fessed up. "When my husband comes home and sees one of your jeweled purses on the mantle, then he knows -- anything goes!"

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