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Love advice: 5 ways to defeat infidelity

Leading marriage experts tell us that there is one sure-fire method to deal with a man having an affair and saving your marriage from infidelity -- a kind heart-to-heart talk without having done lots of snooping. When infidelity does occur, most wives are not the last to know. They suspect. They see clues and ignore them. They deny.

You can defeat infidelity.
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Research at Yale found that when a marriage was in trouble, wives knew -- their sixth sense told them so as documented in a book called "Einstein's Space and Van Gogh's Sky: Physical Reality and Beyond" by Leland LeShaun and Dr. Henry Margenau. The late professor emeritus of physics and natural history at Yale, Dr. Margenau was also interested in parapsychology

Even if you do not believe in women's intuition, you can be sure of one thing. If you are unhappy in a marriage, so is your spouse. What can you do?

Here are the 5 best tips for defeating infidelity

1. Trust your instincts if you suspect red flags.

2. Talk to your spouse kindly with no infidelity accusations.

3. Understand the root of the problem.

4. For the sake of your health, be willing to forgive.

5. Find a qualified, licensed marriage counselor.

When you talk to your spouse

Set up a meeting time, go out to dinner, and gently and kindly say, "I feel something in our marriage is not right, what can we do to fix it?"

No accusations. No notes in your hand that say, "Look at these cell phone bills." Just a good honest talk. If you bring up infidelity, he will deny it. But who cares? Keep your goal in mind. If it is to save your marriage, this is the most rational way to proceed.

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