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Love advice: 4 tips for New Year happiness

In a world of too easily broken resolutions, here are four simple thoughts that will enable you to step back, slow down, perhaps find your heart's desire. This is basically relationship advice 101.

Red means love.
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Open your heart to find love

Most of us forget that the way to be loved is to give love and express love. In the book called Love by Dr. Leo Buscaglia, he tells us to take a chance on love. He believed that we should actually tell people our feelings. Say the words to children, parents, friends, lovers, and spouses, “I love you.” Perhaps the best relationship advice we will ever receive.

Create intimate Saturday nights, married or single

Create intimate Saturday nights whether married or single. For couples, plan a night in with candlelight and music to reminisce and express secret wishes. You know you should do this intuitively, but sometimes a bit of relationship advice is needed for a little push.

For singles: yes, you can be happy at home without a date. Pour yourself a glass of champagne. Read a book that inspires you and brings a smile to your face.

Let go of an angry heart

Send good wishes to someone who has hurt you. This may not sound like good relationship advice, however, it will change your outlook for the better. Perhaps try writing out wishes for them, as this will tend to soften the spot in your heart that is hurting.

Practice gratitude daily

The research on gratitude from the University of California, Davis, is compelling. If you just choose one bit of relationship advice, this is a good one to incorporate into your love plan. At the lab of Dr. Robert Emmons, researchers found that gratitude is an attitude not just a feeling. Extend gratitude and eventually you will become a more gracious and loving person.

Adapted from my blog Love Daily 01.01.14

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